UK IVF-ers might be covered up to 42


A recent story from the UK caught my attention: a top health authority has recommended that Britain’s National Health Service make several changes to their IVF policy:

  1. that IVF should be offered to couples two years after failed attempts, not three
  2. the upper age limit should be increased from 39 to 42

There are a couple of caveats though. Firstly, this remains a recommendation – there is no guarantee it will actually be adopted by hospitals, especially with the UK going through a period of belt-tightening. Secondly, any 42 year old would only qualify if it was their first attempt at IVF and they have sufficient eggs.

Nevertheless, it remains a step in the right direction for our friends in the UK. As ‘test tube babies’ become broadly accepted, medical techniques continue to advance, and compassion is heeded, we’re seeing IVFers getting more breaks.

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