The Grating Room…

The waiting room at my doctor’s office was like one of the worst experiences to deal with.


I will never forget it, not even a year and a half later.

You gals and guys know what I am talking about, don’t you?

The same faces every day (since the visits are often) and no one looks one another in the eye. Not ever. Once I got the nastiest look from a woman who was eyeballing my red clogs. I sensed she was thinking, “Gawd. Who does she think she is?” on the surface. But she REALLY was thinking was, “If SHE gets pregnant and I don’t? I will hate her forever. The bitchwiththeredclogs. Hate. HER.”


I suggest that a book should be in your handbag or knapsack at all times. Don’t bring a magazine. People will think you swiped it from the seating area.

Sometimes the wait will grate on your nerves because not only are you pressed for time or anxious to get things started but the stares and comparisons are uncomfortable. Raise your head, chin up and read your book. Read it well.

Really. It helps.

When your name is called, save the page and look past everyone else and smile. Think of a field of freesias and how pretty a bundle will look in your home, after the baby is born. A nice little treat for yourself. They prettiest scent in the world, too.

Walk past the nasties. Walk past the naysayers. Walk past the wall with the huge assemblage of baby photos sent in by grateful ex-patients…

…and you march in to the room where the stirrups have your name written on them.

No one else matters.

2 Responses to The Grating Room…

  1. Marissa S. April 7, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    i could not have said this better. on days when i sit in the dreaded waiting room i have visions of standing up proud and shouting out “I have PCOS and doing IVF!!” and then all of the other “nasties” will stand up just as proud and shout out their “affliction”. then we will all join hands and provide the desperately needed support we all pretend we don’t need.

  2. Mel July 19, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    i actually had a good experience.  We were waiting (early morning of course) for US and then had to go to lab for blood work.  Well the lab was not yet open (it was just a few min before 7 am) and I saw the same woman from upstairs come down to the lab. Well we started talking and exchanged numbers and business cards.  We now text back and forth and I’ve invited her to an infertility meeting/group that I go to.  Her FET will be 2 days after mine.

    it just takes 1 to open up and speak first. 

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