So this really happened.

Something I never touched too deeply upon in my book were the naysayers of IVF as a viable option for birthing a child.  I knew and still know they “exist.”  I chose to not listen most of the time but the other day it sort of jolted me.

I was in the kitchen at my work place and a young and pregnant woman was making her decaf coffee and waxing poetic on how easy it was to become pregnant.  She was foolishly naive in her world because when the person she was speaking with came back with, “Lucky you!  I am still trying.  I am going to consider IVF”,  the pregnant pause came on.

Pause.  Pause.  And then…

“Isn”t that a sin?  It’s like, you know, god is being played with.  You will have a child with issues all of his/her life because it is a sin.  You are manipulating your body,  so…”

I was about to intervene when the more infertile of the two responded with something so gorgeous.  She said, “Oh! But it’s the same god who did your boob job, right,  so…”

Gorgeous, right?

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  1. Barbara August 10, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    LOL! She said what we all want to say!

    Read your book and loved it Beth.

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