So, this is disturbing…

I read this little tidbit today on the internet. Here, here is the link:

A lottery for IVF.

So basically a lottery is cashing in on the desire for a child and banking on the emotions of women and men and couples and non-couples. I am speechless.

Thing is, having a child through a natural conception is private. Having a child through IVF? Even more private. At least in my experience it was. It’s an attempt of conception after so many heartbreaking moments. It’s a hopeful attempt. Hope should not be for sale.

But it is. And we pay for it. IVF costs a ton. Now, I am not going to go in to the emotional and physical attributes of IVF here. I am speaking purely in financial terms since a lottery is about the moolah. Dinero. The bank.

I don’t believe any lottery should use “hope” for exchange of a profit. Would I have attempted my fate at this lottery? Yes. Many times over.

Would I have felt duped and hurt? Yes.

Does anyone feel the same as me on this? Curious.

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  1. Honey B. August 6, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    Wow…on one hand its like hey, if you don’t have the financial means to do IVF, that could seem like an amazing chance…on the other hand, the whole idea has such a sleaze level it makes me grimace. Just yikes. 

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