Saturday, Saturday!

Yes. What a cold one, too. I walked around the streets today and my bones were stinging me. They were just too angry. And they were just too cold. But I felt happy. I did. I people watched a little bit and smiled at strangers. So thanks for all of your concerns of late. Moodiness […]

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What has come over me?

Do I sound like an actress or what when I ask that? “What has come over me?” Oh, woe is me! Truth? And joking aside and all that, blah de blah? I feel weird. I just woke up so melancholy. As if something terrible is before me. I can’t put my finger on it or […]

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Getting a life, one day at a time…

Tomorrow I am house hunting again.  I am so excited because it means that I will finalllllly be out of this basement apartment  in my MIL’s three family building. (I feel like Chris Elliot from, “Get A Life”). I am appreciative that rent was low because I was the super of the building. (I feel […]

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What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with YOU?

While trying to conceive (TTC), my emotions were off the charts. The sight of babies in strollers in the diner or the celebrities touting a baby fashionista made me not only scowl but cry sometimes.  Or cry all the time. My sister in laws had children and their birthday parties sucked so hard.  I spent […]

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Name that tune…

My crying baby will be entering this world in May and I am stumped. I have no idea what to name her and well, I don’t want to ask my family (see the post about my in-laws.) I would love to name her after our late fathers.  Their names started with an ‘S’ and a […]

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Baby new year – literally

The new year is coming and best of luck to you in 2010! Here is to many new and lasting friendships. Someday let’s meet with our future kids and make some noise! PS. This is the four leafed clover found fifty years ago in my grandmother’s garden. I brought this with me to every Doctor […]

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We should all want to win this: Baby Elephant Ears.  Most of the time,  the most brilliant concepts have that, “WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!” factor.  This is one of those times. I am a first time mother-to-be but I wager a guess that those with experience know exactly how necessary this product is.   Not […]

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The benefits of pineapple for IVF

When I was going through my IVF protocol, my doctor suggested I develop a sweet tooth for PINEAPPLE.  Yes, pineapple!  (I only had pineapple in my cocktails prior to that.  Not kidding.) Supposedly, eating pineapple starting on the transfer date will increase the chances of a success.  Sticky beans!  Baby dust! FRESH pineapple.  And the […]

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It’s all brand, spanking new

When I was told about my fertility challenges, I felt my heart buckle.  When I miscarried, I felt my heart thumping uncertainty.  When I was told about IVF, I felt my heart  stop.  My heart has done all sorts of things – and if I could take it out for one minute, stroke it and […]

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I loooooove Beanie Designs!

What can I say about this site that doesn’t already speak for itself? I am not a reviewer of products.  God knows, I am new at being a future mom and at this blogging stuff.  (“Novice” is the polite word.) But I like what I like and I wanted to express my personal views about […]

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