It’s not just a girl thing!

I am gushing and also blushing – I have two reviews on  Two!  Woo woo!

I wasn’t expecting any reviews, to be honest.  People are so busy.  I am just thrilled people read the thing. 🙂

And yet, there are people who take the time to write something – one of whom is male.  Often we forget that men feel overwhelmed by infertility, too.  It’s not just a female thing.I would like to take “Mark” up on his offer some day and perhaps sit with him and his loved one.  Perhaps I could write a new chapter in the book in a new edition?  It would speak to the men who live with the infertility and IVF protocol on their minds.


Thank you for writing something so cool – if you are both reading this.  I hope you are.


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