I simply can not sleep.  I hate this bullarky.  I know I have to be awake in a few hours and it’s making me even more tense.  Worse, it’s not an insomnia where I have bursts of inspiration and epiphanies about my life, my daughter’s life or my next door neighbor’s life.

This is an insomnia wrought with annoyance.  I am glad my cell phone is charging because right now I am in the mood to call my job and quit and I am in the mood to call my bank’s 24/7 number and tell them I how much I loathe them all and that I don’t like their interest rates.  Assholes.

I am so disturbed by Johnny Depp’s latest movie, my friend’s driveway needs new paving if she actually thinks her house will sell in New Jersey and why didn’t my cousin buy my book?  I am three seconds from calling and waking her ass up. It’s, “The Hopeful Gal’s Guide to IVF”, you lazy ninny!  Heh, heh, heh.

When I do go to sleep, I will not recognize the irrational person writing any of this.  I will instead think she was a fool for not sleeping and for feeling such things.

I need a haircut but I first want to tell the salon that I want a discount for all of the times I went there and referrals I gave them.  I ought to let them know this.






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