I am YOU.

I received a note in my emails the other day.  Let me preface this by stating that the note came in on a rather horrid day – career wise.  It was just that kind of day.   The horridness ended the moment I picked up my daughter at her day-care. She just ran up to me and I to her and nothing mattered except for the hard hugs and love.


I went home and made her some really crispy fish sticks and then I saw the email.  I don’t wish to post its contents as it was a private message there but there was a line in there.  The person referred to me as a, “stranger” before complimenting this blog and  the support it lent her.  A “stranger.”

Well, I am not actually a stranger.  I mean, in a literal sense, I am.  You would not know me from Sally or Michelle or Erica or Jessica at a deli, airport, work place, gym, etc.  But I AM YOU.   I am a woman who wished more than anything to be a mother.  You are who I am, who I was, and who I will always be.

Remember that.  We are not strangers.  We are future parents.  However way we get there?  We are parents.  ALL of us.

That message made my day even more brighter, by the way.  It is still resonating with me.

Happy February to all of us.

Fishsticks and Dora,

Beth Katz





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