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Someone I don’t actually know….

The other day, a sister of a friend of mine just lost her baby.  Sucks.  She was 12 weeks into her pregnancy. My friend was so teary-eyed when she told me the news and said, “You know when you know people who deserved, like REALLY deserve to be parents?  These are those people.” Then her […]

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I am so honored to have given ten fine folks a copy of y ebook for free. kinda rocks now, doesn’t it?  

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What to do…

The long weekend is coming and I am uncertain about plans or what I ought to be doing with my time.  It’s not that there is a shortage of , “must dos”.  The problem is, I don’t know where to begin.  Ever feel that way? I could swim at the gym, start on another book, […]

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So this really happened.

Something I never touched too deeply upon in my book were the naysayers of IVF as a viable option for birthing a child.  I knew and still know they “exist.”  I chose to not listen most of the time but the other day it sort of jolted me. I was in the kitchen at my […]

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THANK YOU to the best site ever.

COOL site alert.  So much information about infertility and it’s simply put, just such a wealth of a resource. And I guest-blogged on it! (I hope you read my work on there and go for the free giveaway I am offering.  I hope you relate to the story, more importantly.) This was such a flattering […]

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It’s not just a girl thing!

I am gushing and also blushing – I have two reviews on  Two!  Woo woo! I wasn’t expecting any reviews, to be honest.  People are so busy.  I am just thrilled people read the thing. 🙂 And yet, there are people who take the time to write something – one of whom is male.  […]

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I have the best neighbors in the world…

I live in the most adorable community.  I do.  It’s sickening to read that for some, I am sure. Having lived in the crowded and rather dingy city for so many years, it is a pleasure to sit with my neighbors and chi-chat, talk, wax poetic, etc. about nothing in particular but our lives and […]

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And now, presenting my BOOK – free for the next four days!

I am so excited!  Today my Amazon IVF ebook is a freebie!  I am hoping this generates some buzzing about and some opportunity for so many of you to read and enjoy it.  It’s been a labor of love (no pun intended).   And it’s something I really wanted to share to all of those struggling […]

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I’ve made a bold move, folks!

I decided to write an ebook about the experience of IVF. I just felt it was time and it was really my best way of expressing the universal feeling of infertility and beating it at its own game. 🙂 Soon, the ebook will be available to you on Amazon.  I’d love to know your thoughts. […]

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New job….

New job. Not just any new job in my profession. A TOTALLY new profession with a new job in a new building in a new town in a new school system in a new precinct in a new county. I love it. I am not very good at my new job but I love it. […]

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