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Baby new year – literally

The new year is coming and best of luck to you in 2010! Here is to many new and lasting friendships. Someday let’s meet with our future kids and make some noise! PS. This is the four leafed clover found fifty years ago in my grandmother’s garden. I brought this with me to every Doctor […]

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It’s all brand, spanking new

When I was told about my fertility challenges, I felt my heart buckle.  When I miscarried, I felt my heart thumping uncertainty.  When I was told about IVF, I felt my heart  stop.  My heart has done all sorts of things – and if I could take it out for one minute, stroke it and […]

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I loooooove Beanie Designs!

What can I say about this site that doesn’t already speak for itself? I am not a reviewer of products.  God knows, I am new at being a future mom and at this blogging stuff.  (“Novice” is the polite word.) But I like what I like and I wanted to express my personal views about […]

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Confessions of a Twitter addict

I joined Twitter yesterday.  Me.  The girl who was last to get a cell phone or a cd player (circa 1994). And I gotta tell you, I am addicted. I added Billy Idol, Duran Duran, and someone I think is Oprah. More importantly, I added people who were also involved with IVF.  And that was […]

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