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Dreaming in color

So. I had this situation happen to me the other day. I was in Duane Reade, standing in line to pay for ice cream (yes!) when a man (also in line) reached over and patted my stomach. “Ooooh. How far along? Boy or girl? I have three!” Hmmm, right? Thing was, he was around my […]

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What is your favorite 80’s band or singer…like totally ever.

Grammy’s Schwammy’s.   I miss the 80’s music I used to play on my vinyl records.  I miss my record sleeves and skipping needle.  I miss flipping over the record when I loved and learned every lyric of the first side. My favorite 80’s album of all time was SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER.  Duran […]

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Miss Pointy Elbow

Yesterday I sliced a piece of my pinky finger off. With a scissor. I don’t even want to discuss the HOW’S and WHY’S. Just know this? It was an accident. And it prompted a visit to the ER and stitches. A year ago and the VERY same date, I sliced my other pinky open. I […]

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Happy Birthday To Me…

On this birthday, I wish for Haiti and the families that lost one another. It’s all I wish for today.

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Which celebrity do you wish would serenade you?

I was just Twittering with a couple of the gals – Roxanne (of The Quest for Baby Hang) and Holly (of Ready To Be a Mom) – and we got to talking about the late, great Heath Ledger, particularly his fabu-licious serenading scene in 10 Things I Hate About You. So that got us thinking…if […]

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Psst, the past has passed…pass it along

So. An ex-boyfriend contacted me yesterday. I say, “yesterday” because I went to bed by 7:30P and awoke an hour ago, only to find an email from him. I usually hear from him around this time of year as he knows my birthday (tomorrow! Woo!) is coming up and he likes to wish me an […]

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I am a passenger…

The whole world is a pointy object. Knives and glass and arrows and long finger nails. I found myself heading towards my doctor’s appointment with my hands around my stomach. My coat, despite the winter, is thinner in material because it is large and lets me breathe. And because of my choice in outer wear, […]

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Saturday, Saturday!

Yes. What a cold one, too. I walked around the streets today and my bones were stinging me. They were just too angry. And they were just too cold. But I felt happy. I did. I people watched a little bit and smiled at strangers. So thanks for all of your concerns of late. Moodiness […]

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Getting a life, one day at a time…

Tomorrow I am house hunting again.  I am so excited because it means that I will finalllllly be out of this basement apartment  in my MIL’s three family building. (I feel like Chris Elliot from, “Get A Life”). I am appreciative that rent was low because I was the super of the building. (I feel […]

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Name that tune…

My crying baby will be entering this world in May and I am stumped. I have no idea what to name her and well, I don’t want to ask my family (see the post about my in-laws.) I would love to name her after our late fathers.  Their names started with an ‘S’ and a […]

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