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So, I am showing my age here…

I saw Adam Ant perform a few days ago.  The venue was PACKED and we were all reminded of our age.  Seriously.  We danced and we threw balloons in the air and let them bounce around the place like we were seventeen again.  It was not so much embarrassing as it was strained.  We all […]

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I have the best neighbors in the world…

I live in the most adorable community.  I do.  It’s sickening to read that for some, I am sure. Having lived in the crowded and rather dingy city for so many years, it is a pleasure to sit with my neighbors and chi-chat, talk, wax poetic, etc. about nothing in particular but our lives and […]

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I simply can not sleep.  I hate this bullarky.  I know I have to be awake in a few hours and it’s making me even more tense.  Worse, it’s not an insomnia where I have bursts of inspiration and epiphanies about my life, my daughter’s life or my next door neighbor’s life. This is an […]

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One joy of motherhood?  One becomes a morning person rather quickly.  My daughter woke me at 4:30A today. It’s 6:34A and we already watched, KIPPER; played with sticker books; finger painted; took a bath; ate CHEERIOS; made up a new dance: did some laudry (me); poopied (her); and declared our love for BIG BIRD (both). […]

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The last few hours to get my ebook for FREE. Hurry!

Click here to go direct to Amazon to download your free copy of ‘The Hopeful Gal’s Guide to IVF‘. It will only remain free for a few more hours before Amazon slaps a price tag on it. If you enjoy it, please consider leaving a review? Soooo appreciated! 🙂

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Oooh, swish!

The new website design is underway! As much as I loved the old blog design, it was just getting too creaky. It used a theme called Thesis, which everybody seems to recommend, but I found it terribly difficult to make any design changes. So I’ve plumped for WooThemes, which is much easier to tinker with! […]

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I’m back – I think!

Howdy all! Let me start by saying SORRY. I have been hugely negligent of my blog for the last year or so, as well as all the administrative obligations that comes with it. Put simply, I have been swamped with a baby turning into a toddler and a new, hectic job in corporate America. But […]

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Yeaaah. I am BACK.

And holy crap, there is a ton of spam on my site! Wow! I mean, really. Look at it. Just LOOK. It reminds me of an untamed garden where once stood neat and tidy rows of freesia. I had no idea I’d come back to this. But here I am. I came back. Glad to […]

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Yard Sale THIS Way!

I drove by multiple yard sales today. Multiple. At least ten. I’ve not seen so many people sell so much stuff since I went to the Portchester Flea in the 1980’s (and that was a legitimate weekend bizarre, you know?) I am presuming it’s due to the economic climate. Hells bells. I have a pile […]

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So. I was watching MAD MEN tonight. What an awesome episode. But it got me thinking. Betty Draper has three children in fake tv land, right? Lucky her. She’s such a nasty piece of work and is a terrible mother to her children (great to her baby but probably until he is able to be […]

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