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The Grating Room…

The waiting room at my doctor’s office was like one of the worst experiences to deal with. Seriously. I will never forget it, not even a year and a half later. You gals and guys know what I am talking about, don’t you? The same faces every day (since the visits are often) and no […]

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Using Visualization for IVF

Visualization can be extremely powerful…whether you are a world-class athlete, a corporate high-flyer, or an IVF patient. Think of a future with a child and just keep that thought in your brain. Even if the IVF doesn’t work the first time, you have a child. You know your child will be meeting you somehow. And go […]

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Don’t stress during IVF

Prior to my IVF protocol, I got so many tips from so many women.  I did.  Eat this, don’t eat that, exercise this, don’t exercise that.  Coupled with the some others I met in the waiting room, holding lucky talismans and praying out loud, I realized early on that IVF was a LOT about circumstances.  […]

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IVF forums: a survival guide

One quick Google search will reveal that there are plenty of IVF forums to explore.  Some are focused solely on In vitro fertilization (IVF) and others are more broad ranged and open to all topics in child conception and fertility. The one commonality found on most IVF forums is  the on line IVF lingo.  Some of […]

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The benefits of pineapple for IVF

When I was going through my IVF protocol, my doctor suggested I develop a sweet tooth for PINEAPPLE.  Yes, pineapple!  (I only had pineapple in my cocktails prior to that.  Not kidding.) Supposedly, eating pineapple starting on the transfer date will increase the chances of a success.  Sticky beans!  Baby dust! FRESH pineapple.  And the […]

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