IVF Girl is me, Beth!

I have PCOS and Endometriosis and was considered infertile.  And yes, I felt the term was defining me (and not in a good way.)

So I started this blog so other IVF Girls like myself won’t feel so alone.  Or so…so “fertility challenged”, as I like to say.

My likes are The Clash, The Ramones,  Duran Duran, my beat up pair of doc martens, old movies, short stories written by Lorrie Moore and Alice Munro, chocolate from England, and the smell of freesia.

My dislikes are people who don’t help others, racism, xenophobia, people who cut me off in traffic, and doing my dishes.

Write me anytime, or find my big, bad self on that thing called, Twitter.

Don’t be a stranger now 🙂

Ps.  I am currently pregnant with my first child – an IVF baby.  So good stuff DOES happen.