Another 99c sale on my book: 9/21–9/26

Hey guys! So, so sorry that I’m allowing this blog to mothball in the way that it is. Single mom, 1.5 jobs, health issues and a rampant toddler make it a toughie. But my ebook, The Hopeful Gal’s Guide to IVF, listed at Amazon, is available again at 99c for the next few days. Get […]

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16 hours only – get my ebook for 99c

It’s the last day of my sale at Amazon. Get it for 99c. 16 hours left. 🙂

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Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today, I published The Hopeful Gal’s Guide to IVF. I had recently started a new corporate job. Tough gig. One girl shouldering the workload of three, with the emails still flying in as I drove home after doing overtime. The blog content suffered as a result. When I finally got a week […]

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I am YOU.

I received a note in my emails the other day.  Let me preface this by stating that the note came in on a rather horrid day – career wise.  It was just that kind of day.   The horridness ended the moment I picked up my daughter at her day-care. She just ran up to […]

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Someone I don’t actually know….

The other day, a sister of a friend of mine just lost her baby.  Sucks.  She was 12 weeks into her pregnancy. My friend was so teary-eyed when she told me the news and said, “You know when you know people who deserved, like REALLY deserve to be parents?  These are those people.” Then her […]

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I am so honored to have given ten fine folks a copy of y ebook for free. kinda rocks now, doesn’t it?  

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What to do…

The long weekend is coming and I am uncertain about plans or what I ought to be doing with my time.  It’s not that there is a shortage of , “must dos”.  The problem is, I don’t know where to begin.  Ever feel that way? I could swim at the gym, start on another book, […]

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So, I am showing my age here…

I saw Adam Ant perform a few days ago.  The venue was PACKED and we were all reminded of our age.  Seriously.  We danced and we threw balloons in the air and let them bounce around the place like we were seventeen again.  It was not so much embarrassing as it was strained.  We all […]

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So this really happened.

Something I never touched too deeply upon in my book were the naysayers of IVF as a viable option for birthing a child.  I knew and still know they “exist.”  I chose to not listen most of the time but the other day it sort of jolted me. I was in the kitchen at my […]

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THANK YOU to the best site ever.

COOL site alert.  So much information about infertility and it’s simply put, just such a wealth of a resource. And I guest-blogged on it! (I hope you read my work on there and go for the free giveaway I am offering.  I hope you relate to the story, more importantly.) This was such a flattering […]

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